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Dai Burger Sliders 2022

Dai Burger is a Delicious Rapper from Queens in New York. I was able to meet her back in 2013 and I must say from that moment “inspirational” was an understatement. The style, essence, and confidence she exuded was and still is unmatched. 
Dai’s music is free of judgment, makes you feel powerful in the skin you’re in &  her cosmetics line @lipgravycosmetics will add flair to every style. 
I wanted to do a special creation to say THANK YOU! 
Thank you for being Dai and continuing to be unapologetically you.
I would like to introduce the DAI SLIDERS!
It’s like walking in a burger but with less mess. 
The tasty graphics found on the shoe box and the SLIDER PILLOW were designed with the assistance of graphic designer @ttreswer93
Sending Peace Love and Prosperity Always,
Miraclle S. 
Owner/Founder of Curnagerie
Be sure to check out the #UnboxWithBurg series on her instagram @Daiburger

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