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Meet Miraclle Shields of Curnagerie

Hello Everyone,

My name is Miraclle Shields (Miracle but with 2L’s) and I am the owner and founder of Curnagerie. I was born and raised in Delaware, I lived my best life in NYC, and now I am taking over Nevada. 

I grew up in a home with my grandmother and my mother and I am sooooooo grateful to have had a childhood where I witnessed first hand what it means to be a hard-working woman. These amazing women groomed me to be the woman I am today and I must thank them for that. 

I strive to live and lead a life putting my best foot forward and doing my best to show my heart. I find joy in listening to people, learning about who they are, how they got to where they are, and where they see themselves in the future. 

Curnagerie was created because I wanted to do more.


I want to create a platform where Artists and Designers can express who they are. This is a space where I am free to create as well as a place to collaborate with others. 

I hope that you enjoy exploring Curnagerie. It is an extension of myself that I want to share with you all. I pray to have much more coming soon!

Stay Safe and Blessed Everyone.

Peace and Love,

Miraclle Shields

My Curnagerie Collection

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